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Zone L(West Delhi-III)

The basic objectives of Zonal Plan for Planning Zone ‘L’ under MPD 2021 are:
i)   Improved accessibility / connectivity with both the Urban Extension and the Rural Areas.
ii)   Upgrade Infrastructure
iii)   Preserve natural resources and eco system
The zone covers an area of 22,979 hact. & is surrounded by the following:
i)   NH-10 / Rohtak Road and Railway line, in the North
ii)   Zone ‘K’ mainly comprising of Dwarka Sub–City , in the East and
iii)   The National Capital Territory of Delhi boundary on it’s southern and western sides.
Approximately 46 villages fall in this zone. Najafgarh is one of the major urban agglomeration. Other settlements like Tikri Kalan, Dhansa, Jharoda Kalan, Jasfarpur Kalan etc are major rural settlements.
i)   Population as per Census –1981 = 88,342
ii)  Population as per Census –1991 = 1,57,561
iii)  Projected population by the year 2001 (as per trend 1981–91) = 2,35,148

Zone L Village List:

HiranKudna, Dichaon Kalan, Bakkarwala, Baprola, Chawala, Rewla Khanpur, Ujwa, Khera Dabas, Surhera, Jaffarpur Kalan, Samashpur Kalan, Kazipur, Malikpur, Sarangpur, Daulatpur, Najafgarh, Tajpur Khurd, Hasanpur, Mundka.

Map Zone–L
Zone L image


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